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Sunday, October 23 – Monday, November 7, 2022

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Sunday, November 13 – Monday, November 28, 2022   = SOLD OUT =

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Optional Extension – SIWA OASIS EXCURSION: Mon, Nov 28 – Sun, Dec 4, 2022

NOTE: The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is hoping to open on November 4, 2022.
If it has not opened at the time of these tours, we will visit other museums in Cairo on that day.

Join our small group (limited to 18 travelers) for an unforgettable 16-day tour of the Ancient Egyptian treasures. Unlike the other tours which hurry through the sacred sites, we will do our visits in a slower, more peaceful way. There is time to marvel, photograph, and let it all sink in.

Extras included in our tours

• Private 2-hour visit with just our group inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and a full day on the Giza Plateau
• A full-day visit to the new Grand Egyptian Museum (if open), otherwise we will visit other Cairo museums
• New sites at Saqqara – go INSIDE the Step Pyramid, the newly opened Southern Tomb, the Serapeum, and more!
• Tomb of Ramesses V&VI in the Valley of the Kings
• Pyramid of Unas at Saqqara (earliest Pyramid Texts)
• Karnak Open Air Museum with the Red Chapel and White Chapel during our full day at Karnak. See the newly restored Hypostyle Hall!
• Abydos, Dendera, Silsila, Esna, Abu Simbel, Ramesseum, Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor Museum, Imhotep Museum (and, of course, the typical sites.

• Our own private dahabeya Nile sailboat enables us to visit sites which are not accessible to the large cruise boats. We move at our own pace and truly relish the peacefulness and beauty of this renowned river. A dahabeya (also spelled “dahabiya”) is a large sailboat with 14 guest cabins, a full crew, specially prepared meals, and all the amenities, including wifi. We will have 5 nights on the dahabeya. Day-by-Day Itinerary.

The video above is by Wouter Bosman, All One World traveler, Feb-March 2019 Tour. Thank you, Wouter!


BOOKS ABOUT EGYPT by Ruth Shilling


Sites Included in Your 16-day Egypt Tour

NEWLY OPENED SITES!! The Grand Egyptian Museum (very likely open, but not guaranteed), inside the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the Southern Tomb at Saqqara, the newly restored Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor, the Golden City in Luxor (if open), newly opened tombs in Luxor, the newly cleaned Karnak Hypostyle Hall, and renovations at Dendera Temple and Esna Temple.

PYRAMIDS: The 3 Giza Pyramids & Sphinx, Saqqara Step Pyramid (inside), Unas Pyramid, Dashur Bent Pyramid & Red Pyramid. PLUS! a private visit with just our group inside the Great Pyramid!

TEMPLES: Sphinx Valley Temple, Karnak Temple Complex (multiple temples), Abydos Seti 1st Temple, Abydos Ramesses II Temple, Dendera Hathor Temple, Hatshepsut’s Deir el-Bahari, Ramesseum Temple in Luxor, Luxor Temple, Medinet Habu Temple, Esna Temple, Edfu Horus Temple, Silsila Horemheb Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Isis Temple, Abu Simbel Temples.

TOMBS: Tomb of Nefertari (special ticket) and other tombs on the West Bank of Luxor (depending on which are open), Saqqara Tombs including the newly opened Southern Tomb and the Serapeum, Valley of the Kings – 3 tombs + Tomb of Ramesses V&VI (extra ticket is included). Optional: King Tut, Seti 1st tombs.

MUSEUMS: the Grand Egyptian Museum (if open), Luxor Museum, Open Air Museum at Karnak.
Note: the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara is now closed. 


Our tours begin in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday evenings in 2022. Those leaving from the USA depart on Saturday, as the flights travel overnight and arrive in Egypt the next day.  More . . .


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Prices begin at
$4,995 USD pp
16 days/15 nights.

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Day-by-Day: Brief Summary


“TIME & SPACE in the TEMPLES & PYRAMIDS” – 16 days

Sunday, October 23 – Monday, November 7, 2022

Sunday, November 13 – Monday, November 28, 2022


Mon, Nov 8 and Mon, Nov 28, 2022: (departures on Tuesdays)

FREE DAY and “SIWA OASIS EXCURSION” – additional 6 days

Monday, Nov 28 – Sun, Dec 4, 2022


“TIME & SPACE in the TEMPLES & PYRAMIDS” – 16 days

Day 1, Sun, Oct 23 & Nov 13: Arrivals in Cairo. Welcome meeting and dinner. Hilton Pyramids Golf Hotel or similar-1.

Day 2, Mon, Oct 24 & Nov 14: Dashur – Red & Bent Pyramids, Blue Lotus Guesthouse lunch, Memphis. Hilton Pyramids Golf Hotel or similar-2.

Day 3, Tues, Oct 25 & Nov 15: Saqqara – Step Pyramid of Zoser (now open inside!), Southern Tomb, Heb Sed Court, Northern and Southern Houses, Unas Pyramid (inside), Unas Causeway, Teti Pyramid, Tomb of Mereruka, Serapeum. Other tombs (depending on what is open).
Note: the Imhotep Museum is closed.  Hilton Pyramids Golf Hotel or similar-3.

Day 4, Wed, Oct 26 & Nov 16: Giza Plateau – Great Pyramid, 2nd and 3rd Pyramids with Mortuary Temples, Camel rides, Sphinx and Sphinx Temple,  Private Great Pyramid visit.  Hilton Pyramids Golf Hotel or similar-4.

Day 5, Thurs, Oct 27 & Nov 17: Flight Cairo/Luxor. Luxor Museum, Luxor Temple. Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar-1.

Day 6, Friday, Oct 28 & Nov 18: Tomb of Queen Nefertari, West Bank tombs (Nobles or any newly opened ones), Ramesseum Temple, Hatshepsut’s Deir El Bahari, Colossi of Memnon. Other West Bank sites, depending on time.  Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar-2.

Day 7, Sat, Oct 29 & Nov 19: Early Morning Optionals: Balloon Ride, 2nd Luxor Temple visit.
Karnak Temples with Open Air Museum, Luxor Bazaar. Luxor Hilton Hotel or similar-3.

Day 8, Sun, Oct 30 & Nov 20: Day-long trip to Abydos and Dendera. Sekhmet Dahabeya boat-1.

Day 9, Mon, Oct 31 & Nov 21: Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu. Sail to Esna.  Cross the Esna Lock. Sekhmet Dahabeya-2.

Day 10, Tues, Nov 1 & Nov 22: Esna Temple. Sail to Edfu. Sekhmet Dahabeya-3

Day 11, Wed, Nov 2 & Nov 23: Edfu Temple. Sail to Silsila Mountain.  Sekhmet Dahabeya-4.

Day 12, Thurs, Nov 3 & Nov 24: Silsila Quarries & Horemheb Temple, Kom Ombo Temple. Sail to Aswan. Sekmet Dahabeya-5.

Day 13, Friday, Nov 4 & Nov 25: Abu Simbel Temples by road.  Basma hotel or similar-1.

Day 14, Sat, Nov 5 & Nov 26: Aswan Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Isis Temple. Flight Aswan/Cairo. Meridien Cairo Airport hotel or similar-1.

Day 15, Sun, Nov 6 & Nov 27: Grand Egyptian Museum (or other museums, if not open). Farewell Dinner.
Meridien Cairo Airport hotel or similar-2.

Day 16, Mon, Nov 7 & Nov 28: Departure flights.OPTIONAL EXTRA DAY in CAIRO

Free Day, Mon, Nov 7 & Nov 28: Day-tours arranged with our Egyptian Land Operator: More Museums in Cairo, another day at Saqqara, Cairo bazaar and mosques, Alexandria day trip, there are many options.
Meridien Cairo Airport hotel or similar-3.

Tues, Nov 8 & Nov 29: Departure flights.

FREE DAY and “SIWA OASIS EXCURSION” – 6 additional days

Day 1, Mon, Nov 28: Free day with options. (see above) Meridien Cairo Airport hotel or similar-3.

Day 2, Tues, Nov 29: Heliopolis/Marsa Matruh by private bus. Marsa Matruh hotel – 1..

Day 3, Wed, Nov 30: Marsa Matruh/Siwa. Siwa hotel – 1.

Day 4, Thurs, Dec 1: Spa Day. Siwa hotel – 2.

Day 5, Friday, Dec 2: Sightseeing. Siwa hotel – 3.

Day 6, Sat, Dec 3: Siwa/Cairo.  Hilton Golf hotel or similar – 1.

Day 7, Sunday, December 4: Departure flights.