What’s Included

in the “Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids” Egypt Tour

And Some of What Makes Our Tours Different

Traveling as a small group means that we can take very good care of our travelers!

American Tour Leader Ruth Shilling has hosted more than 50 tours of Egypt since her All One World Egypt Tours company began in 1999. Having personal relationships with people in Egypt makes our tours run smoothly, while at the same time, her understanding of the cultural differences gives our travelers a more pleasing experience.




INCLUDED in the 16-Day “Time & Space” Tour

Note that the 9-Day and 6-Day Tours do not include all the sites listed here and also have a different number of nights, etc. Flights, drinks, and tipping are the same.

 HOTELS – 15 nights

Giza Pyramids: local hotel, 3 nights

Luxor East Bank: Hotel on the Nile, 2 nights

Luxor West Bank: Local hotel, 3 nights

Nile: Dahabiya Sacred Lotus or similar, 4 nights

Aswan: Basma Hotel or similar, 1 night

Cairo: Meridien Cairo Airport or similar, 2 nights


16 Buffet Breakfasts at the hotels and dahabiya, 14 Lunches, and 7 Dinners.


Bottled water is provided at all meals and during sightseeing.

Tea & Coffee are provided with breakfast.

Soft drinks are included on the cruise boat.

Note that any other drinks are not included.


The only flights available within Egypt are with Egypt Air. This airline is owned by the government.

Note that your international flights to/from Egypt are not included.

Cairo/Luxor on Day 4

Aswan/Cairo on Day 14


All transportation is by private A/C buses.

SIGHTSEEING – Sites Not Included in Most Egypt Tours, but They Are in Ours!

All the entrance fees are included as per the day-by-day itinerary unless otherwise noted.


-Special Permit for a private visit for our group in the Great Pyramid

-Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens

-Tomb of Ramesses VI at the Valley of the Kings (extra ticket)

-Nobles Tombs, Luxor West Bank

-New Kingdom Tombs at Saqqara

-Abydos Temples (Seti I Temple, Osirion & Ramesses II Temple)

-Dendera Hathor Temple

Under the Step Pyramid at Saqqara (just opened!)

Southern Tomb of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara (just opened!)

Unas Pyramid (earliest pyramid texts)

Serapeum at Saqqara

Red Pyramid (inside)

Bent Pyramid (inside)

Karnak Open Air Museum

Ramesseum Temple

Luxor Museum

Esna Temple

Silsila Quarries & Horemheb Temple

Mortuary Temples at Giza

-The usual tourist sites are also included. See next column.

MORE SIGHTSEEING – The Typical Sites are Also Included

All the entrance fees are included as per the day-by-day itinerary unless otherwise noted.

-Giza Plateau
-Great Pyramid
-2nd or 3rd Pyramid (inside)
-Sphinx & Valley Temple
-Saqqara Open Court with Step Pyramid
-Kagemni Tomb at Saqqara
-Teti Pyramid
-Imhotep Museum
-Deir El Bahari
-3 Tombs in the Valley of the Kings
-Luxor Temple
-Karnak Temples

-Edfu Temple
-Kom Ombo Temple
-Unfinished Obelisk
-Philae Temple
-Cairo Egyptian Museum

-Abu Simbel Temples (optional fee, not included)


Ruth Shilling is your American Tour Leader/Guide

Top-notch Egyptologist Tour Guides




Tipping is an integral part of the Egyptian culture. This can be both confusing and frustrating for travelers. For this reason, we have included almost all the tips in your tour cost.


-bus drivers

-airport rep’s (except upon your arrival in Egypt)


-waiters at meals

-hotel staff: baggage, waiters, kitchen, housekeeping, reception desk

-boat staff: sailors, porters, cooks, maintenance, hosts

-antiquities guards at the sites, ticket sellers

-police, any escorts we may have

*Note the tip for our Egyptologist is not included.


There will be porters who will move your bags from place to place, both inside and outside the hotels. These tips are included.

You will be met at the Cairo Airport by a professional representative.* He will escort you to our hotel by private van.

*Note that the tip for the airport rep and driver is not included, as we will not be with you at that time.



NOT INCLUDED in the 16-Day “Time & Space” Tour


If you arrive before the tour begins or depart after the tour ends. Contact Us if you need additional hotel nights.


– lunch during the full day bus trip to Abydos (you can purchase a box lunch from the hotel or bring your own). 

-Additional evening meals: Large meal of the day is a late lunch on most sightseeing days. All meals and afternoon teatime are included during the 5-day/4-night cruise.


Drinks, other than water, are not included (coffee and tea are included at breakfast). Soft drinks are also included on the cruise boat.


Travel insurance and health insurance are not included. The government website says that proof of health insurance is required to enter Egypt. Note that this has never actually been checked for any of our travelers.


If a negative covid test is required at the time of your tour, this cost is not included in the tour price. However, the opportunity to get tested before departing Egypt will then be included in the tour activities.

Your international flights to/from Egypt are not included.


Photographing at some sites is only allowed when you purchase a camera pass for that site. Prices are 50 EPG (about $3 USD) or 300 EPG (about $17 USD) each. This fee does not apply to mobile phone cameras.


-A tip for our Egyptologist/Guide. This is given at the end of the tour.

-Airport rep upon your arrival in Egypt and departure (because we are not with you)

-Waiters, if you go to the lounge or bar for a drink or have meals on your own

-Hotel staff: anything you ask to have brought to your hotel room (room service, laundry, etc)

-WC/bathroom attendants will expect a small tip each time you use one (except in the hotels).

-If we have a Tour Director or Tour Assistant helping us during the tour, you may want to tip that person in a similar way as the tour guide.


Any services you require that are not part of the group tour

Examples: laundry, phone calls, internet fees, room service, spa treatments.


-Balloon Ride over the West Bank of Luxor (early morning on Day 7)

-King Tut tomb and Seti 1st Tombs in the Valley of the Kings (if they are open)

-Day-long trip to Abu Simbel


You will have opportunities to shop under the care of our Egyptian guide, as well as on your own in the street bazaars.