Getting Ready for Your Trip to Egypt

You may not be leaving for Egypt for a number of months, but there are things you can get started on now, like securing a passport if you don’t have one already! Below is a list of travel gear, books, and other things to pack.

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The expiration date on your passport needs to be sometime more than 6 months AFTER the day you arrive in Egypt. US and Canadian citizens can receive a tourist visa upon arrival at Cairo airport. The current fee is $25 USD in cash or equivalent in other foreign currencies. We do not recommend using an online option to get your visa ahead of time because there are a number of scam websites that are selling this and the official Egyptian government site seems to have problems and glitches.

Real ID Requirements for US Citizens: The enforcement date for Real IDs has been extended by 2 years. The new deadline is May 7, 2025. Information is from the Department of Homeland Security USA.

COVID TEST – A Negative PCR and/or serology test is no longer required to enter Egypt. This requirement may be reinstated. See the LATEST REQUIREMENTS.

At this time, travel insurance is not required to enter Egypt. However, it is suggested to protect you from losses if you should need to cancel your trip for health issues of other reasons. See the link below for the latest requirements.

You do not need any immunizations to go to Egypt at this time. Doctors often recommend hepatitis and tetanus shots for traveling. A negative covid PCR test is no longer required. Check for the latest updates as this can change.

If you don’t already use an ATM card, it would be good to get one for traveling. You can set this up with a separate account that will not affect your other bank accounts. Travelers’ checks are no longer used, and cash advances with your credit card can have hefty fees.  Having cash for purchases at shops can save a lot of time. If you use a credit card, the Egyptian shops will add a 3.5% fee and the dollar exchange fees, so having cash will make it obvious how much you are paying for things. Egypt is quite safe as far as stealing. However, a travel wallet under your clothing is always good for travel both inside and outside your home country.

Check the weight of the luggage you intend to buy. Lightweight but strong is the best combination. You are allowed 1 checked bag, 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (ex: purse) on the flights. Having wheels is important.  Suggested: Delsey Suitcase
*Note: You do not need to buy luggage tags. You will receive All One World luggage tags from us.

• EXTRA PACKABLE DUFFLE TO BRING HOME SOUVENIRS. You may buy a carpet or some other items that don’t fit in your suitcase. They will ship the carpet to you, but it might be easier to just bring it home in an extra duffle bag. Here is a DUFFLE BAG that Ruth uses.

A small, lightweight travel laptop is a good way to back up your photos each night, go online, or watch a movie on the long plane rides. Tablets/iPads are also good travel companions.  Here is an inexpensive, lightweight TRAVEL LAPTOP.

• FLASH DRIVES and PORTABLE HARD DRIVES also give you a way to back up your photos.  PORTABLE HARDDRIVE-1 TB.

• PORTABLE CHARGER POWER BANK – Having a power bank to charge up the phone you are probably using as a camera is a good idea. Taking a lot of photos can use up your battery quite quickly.  This POWER BANK works very well and can do more than 2 full charges for your phone, but it is heavy. These SMALL POWER BANKS are small and lightweight so easy to carry, but do not give you as much of a charge.

Your mobile phone service can tell you what their rates are for calls you make from outside the country (and data used for the internet). An Egyptian SIM card is inexpensive and will enable you to call home, text and check the internet. You will need an UNLOCKED phone to do this. Your Verizon, Sprint or ATT phone will not take another SIM card. If you travel to other countries, you can use the unlocked phone there, too (by buying a local SIM card). Here is an UNLOCKED MOBILE PHONE that will work well in Egypt. You can also use this phone as a hotspot to give you continuous internet access. Wifi access tends to be weak and unreliable in Egypt. A 30-day tourist SIM gives you 30 GB of internet data for about $30 USD.

• BACKPACK, WAIST PACK, Messenger Bag, Travel Vest, Money Belt
Things you may be carrying with you during sightseeing: Water carrier, flashlight, camera, money (Egyptian pounds, US $, ATM card and credit card), passport, mobile phone, Kleenex, moist towelettes, sunscreen, lip protection, journal, snacks, light jacket, sunglasses, sun hat, binoculars, your All One World tour booklet. Here is the BACKPACK that Ruth uses for travel. It is lightweight and strong. She also has a VERY LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACK for quick sightseeing visits.
You may want a money belt underneath your clothes for your credit cards, money, etc.

Please bring a 2nd pair of sunglasses. People tend to lose them or break them. 
It is best to have hats that are easily packed and have a chinstrap for the wind. Having an extra hat is good, too. Here is a good SUNHAT that packs very well!

• TRAVEL CLOCK – As part of a group, you will want to be punctual for leaving in the mornings. 

EARPLUGS for the plane and/or to help with sleeping at night. These are the BEST EARPLUGS.

ADAPTERS for your devices – phone, camera, tablet/iPad, etc.  Egypt uses 220 V, TWO ROUND PLUGS. These are the ADAPTERS that work in Egypt. 

• COMBINATION SUITCASE LOCKS for keeping your suitcases secure when you are outside your hotel rooms. There is very little theft in Egypt, but this will be reassuring when you have misplaced something. These SUITCASE LOCKS are easy to read and use.

• SNACKS – It is best to bring your preferred snacks from home. The ones you usually buy will probably be nowhere to be found in Egypt. Snacks are handy for waiting in the airport, big sightseeing days, and nighttime snacks.  Examples: RXBAR – protein bars, THAT’S IT FRUIT BARS. Nuts are expensive in Egypt so bringing your own to snack on is a good idea. They also make a nice gift to bus drivers and other people we have contact with.  PISTACHIO packets. Packets of CASHEWS.

• ELECTROLYTES and FLAVORING FOR WATER – It can be nice to add some flavor and electrolytes to the water you will be drinking all day to keep yourself hydrated.

• PENS, PENCILS, SMALL GIFTS FOR KIDS – The kids will often ask for pens. Click pens are best. Felt tip is not a good idea, as they dry out too fast in Egypt. We will be visiting some village children. These BIC PENS are a big hit with both kids and adults in Egypt. The BIC CLICK PENS are even more highly prized.

 PET TREATS – Life is hard for most animals in Egypt. You won’t see any pampered pets. But you will see friendly dogs at the temples and various cats here and there. It might be the high point in a furry friend’s life. They are most familiar with chicken, so that is a good flavor to bring.

• PACKS OF KLEENEX  – The toilet facilities may not have the toilet paper you would like. A SMALL PACK OF KLEENEX can be a welcome help.

• SUNBLOCK – It is sunny all day long, most every day in Egypt, and there is a reflection off the sand, too.

MOSQUITO REPELLENT – They do have mosquitos in Egypt.

ZIP LOCK BAGS – These are very handy for traveling. An assortment of sizes is a good idea. 

Many of these will be available in your local library. Only prep ahead of time if you feel the desire. Many people like to arrive in Egypt without preconceptions and do the reading afterward. Others enjoy researching before they go. EGYPT BOOKS on Amazon.




• SANDALS for relaxing in the evenings

• SWIMSUIT – The hotels have pools, but we won’t be spending much time lounging there.

• JACKET that will break the wind. One that packs up and fits easily into your backpack is quite practical. See one below.

SWEATER for cool days or evenings

• SHIRTS/TOPS – Sun protection is good, no matter what the temperatures are. No plunging necklines, please.

• PANTS/SKIRTS – No short shorts, please, but knee-length shorts are fine.



• COMPRESSION SOCKS – Experienced travelers know the value of wearing compression socks on long plane rides.  

• TOILETRIES, MEDICATIONS – Please bring any medications or remedies you normally use. It’s unlikely that while you are in Egypt you will be able to buy the brands you like.  Also be aware of the 3-1-1 policy for carry-on items while flying. The TSA Approved Toiletry Bags are much easier to pack than a normal quart-sized bag.

• EYE DROPS can be a welcome relief on long plane rides and in the dry desert climate of Egypt.

• HELP FOR SORE MUSCLES – Whatever cream or gel you like to use for sore muscles is a good idea to have along.